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Why a Bed and Breakfast like The Groom Inn is a perfect venue for an intimate wedding?

Choosing a wedding venue can become a bit tricky when you plan for this big day. The location is pretty essential because it adds another dimension to your wedding. It can give you a picturesque environment which you have always hoped for.
But picking an event venue requires some doing. A bed and breakfast like The Groome Inn, can prove to be a perfect option for you conducting your marriage ceremony there. We are situated in North Carolina, just outside Greensboro.


Let’s discuss why this venue is more than perfect for you and what it offers for these events.


1. Convenience
At your wedding, you would want to stay as relaxed and comfortable as possible. It is a massive day for anyone’s life, and you don’t want to stress about minor details of the event venue.
If you opt to hold your marriage event at a bed and breakfast venue, it can help lead to a less stressful wedding than at bigger venues.
Venues like The Groome Inn has professionals who will see to all your wedding details and help make all the necessary changes to make your wedding go smoothly.
Moreover, there are rooms available for the bridal party, making sure that your event takes place in time. In this way, the bride and groom can stay in place and enjoy their wedding without any fuss.


2. Plan a smaller, more intimate guest list in a Bed and Breakfast
Some couples don’t want to invite a lot people to their wedding. Some prefer to arrange a special event with just their close family members. It is indeed justified because it is their day and they can decide whatever they want.
Since a Breakfast and Bed venue like The Groome Inn is smaller and more intimate, it’s easier for the bride and groom to invite fewer guests. This way people would be less likely to be upset that they weren’t invited to the wedding.


3. By not choosing a massive venue and a huge guest list, there’s more money that can be spent towards the honeymoon
Without the fees of massive hotels and ballrooms, as well as having a big guest list, the bride and groom can spend more money on your honeymoon.
We’re not advising to skimp on the wedding by any means, but we believe the honeymoon is just as important as the ceremony and reception.


4. Excellent Service
A Breakfast and Bed venue like The Groome Inn is widely known for their professionalism and customer service.
Our staff can assist in all the details of your special day. We understand it’s your big day and want to do everything in our power to arrange a successful wedding ceremony and reception.
We’re focused on providing a wonderful experience for you and your guests. With convenient services and mind-blowing arrangements, we are positive all parties involved will be more than satisfied that you choose The Groome Inn for your wedding venue.


The Groome Inn is more than just an event venue
When you select our Bed and Breakfast as your preferred venue to host your wedding, we are more than just a venue.
The decoration and artwork during your wedding can be customized to make your event even more enjoyable and fascinating. We have all the attributes to make any marriage ceremony a special occasion.


Final Verdict
There is no better option for you to choose a wedding venue than a Bed and Breakfast venue like The Groome Inn. We offer so much comfortability and reliability that it makes your marriage ceremony a wonderful experience for every participant.

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