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What’s Best to Wear to a Summer Wedding

What’s Best to Wear to a Summer Wedding. Stylish and comfortable tips to keep you looking sharp even on the hottest days of the year.

Every year, barring a global pandemic, 73% of weddings take place between May and October. A majority of those weddings will take place outdoors, making it a little difficult to decide what outfits to wear that’ll help you stay cool, comfortable, and stylish. When you’re attending a Summer Wedding there are some things to consider like venue, destination, and the dress code.

We have a few suggestions for when it comes to picking the best style of outfits for outdoor and summer weddings. At The Groome Inn, we want to make sure that whether if you’re attending at our establishment, or somewhere else, we’d like to make sure you have some options to look your best and be comfortable on hot summer days. For formal weddings, it’s always best for men to wear Tuxedo’s and for women to wear a dress that are long and shimmery. For semi-formal and casual weddings, here are some options for the attendees.

Here is an option for guys that works great for summer weddings

Tan Suit

Tan suits have become increasingly popular as Wedding Attire in recent years. It’s a casual color often seen outdoor and at rustic-themed weddings, that looks great on all skin tones. Tan, also known as Khaki suits, offer variation, extends your color palatte, and are normally lightweith wool or comfortable poplin.

Tan also goes by a broad range of colors such as:

  • Taupe
  • Bronze
  • Beige
  • Sand
  • Light Brown

You also see a lot of tan suits featured in outdoors destination weddings and beach weddings. A white dress shirt is highly recommended to be worn with a tan suit. The wonderful thing about a a white shirt with a tan suit is the versatility when it comes to vest and tie colors. Last but not least, tan looks great with just about every color, so the possibilities are endless.




Here is an option for girls that works great for summer weddings

Floral Print Dress

Floral dresses are incredibly popular for spring and summer weddings. They’re easy to accessorize, full of color, and just lovely. Websites like Red Dress and The Reformation have tons of amazing dresses to choose from at reasonable prices.

Benefits of Floral Print Dresses for Summer Weddings

  • There’s a good chance the print you pick will be unique
  • Perfect for bridal lunches, bridal showers, and rehearsal dinners
  • Easy to accessorize
  • Easy to match what your date is wearing 9 out of 10 times
  • Incredibly comfortable

The Groome Inn is more than just a wedding venue

When you select our Bed and Breakfast as your preferred venue to host your wedding, we are more than just a venue. We can help make recommendations on wedding party attire based on what time of year you’re getting married.

The decoration and artwork during your wedding can be customized to match your party, and make your event even more enjoyable and fascinating.  We have all the attributes to make any marriage ceremony a special occasion.

Final Verdict

There is no better option for you to choose a wedding venue than a Bed and Breakfast venue like The Groome Inn. We offer so much comfortability and reliability that it makes your marriage ceremony a wonderful experience for every participant.

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