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Top Wedding Trends of 2021

Top Five Wedding Trends of 2021

Rising from the pandemic of 2020 there is a need for new, exciting, and memorable wedding trends, experiences, design elements, all to help capture a couples’ new beginnings. Couples are looking to provide experiences that their guests will remember, and not just aesthetics. Weddings aren’t stopping just because of the pandemic, and now is the time for couples to help make them as memorable as possible with the latest wedding trends.

A bed and breakfast like The Groome Inn, can prove to be a perfect option for you conducting your marriage ceremony there. We’re up to date on the latest trends and have the accommodations, as well as staff, to help you provide a wedding that all of your guests will remember for a very long time.

Here are the Top Five Wedding Trends of 2021

  1. Mini Hors D’Oeuvres

Mini Hors D’OeuvresCouples are providing guests with safe and tasty ways to celebrate their unions with creative and clever cocktail hour themes.

Smaller plates and individual portions are on the rise with examples including picnic baskets, and single-serve grazing boards. For instance a Southern themed wedding could feature bite-sized portions of oysters Rockefeller, fried shrimp, fried chicken, and even grits and oysters. This is not only a wow moment for guests, but also provides convenience too.

  1. Living Room Decor

The outdoor lounge lives on now more than ever in 2021. Cozyiness is the key, whether if it’s throw and plush pillows, couches, and more. The sense of creating a comfortable environment from the start is essential.

Making the living room come out from the grounds of a destination like The Groome Inn is a wonderful and inviting atmosphere for your guests. There’s nothing like incorporating greenery into the design to help guests feel at home and to enjoy the party.

  1. The Welcome Box

With most weddings being downsized due to Covid, it’s the perfect time to provide guest-centered details like send-off kits. It’s great to work with pros like the team at The Groome Inn to help design welcome boxes.

With the popularity of unboxing videos the past few years, a welcome box is a great gift to provide guests. Personalized masks, programs, hand sanitizers, and take home goodies are wonderful at providing guests the experience of being welcomed into the wedding weekend.


  1. Visual Planning

With technology always growing and evolving, so does the wedding planning experience. Virtual invitations, updated communications, building your own wedding website, and zoom weddings are as common now as the traditional wedding invitation by mail.

Technology like AR is playing a big role in planning weddings, as well providing an entertaining guest experience on the big day. AR wedding invitations, wedding tours, glimpses into the weddding location, and even trying on wedding dresses are becoming the new norm.

  1. Weekday Weddings

According to The Knot Real Weddings Study, weddings outside of Saturdays already accounted for one in three nuptials, and it’s a trend that’s already been rising in 2021. Couples are saving over tens of thousands of dollars moving from a Saturday to a Monday wedding. If a couple has their heart set on a particular venue or certain wedding vendors in the area, considering a weekday could make the venue and a vendor a possibility that may not have been there if they wanted to keep their wedding on a Saturday.

The Groome Inn is more than just an event venue

When you select our Bed and Breakfast as your preferred venue to host your wedding, we are more than just a venue.

The decoration and artwork during your wedding can be customized to  make your event even more enjoyable and fascinating.  We have all the attributes to make any marriage ceremony a special occasion.

How The Groome Inn Can Help

There is no better option for you to choose a wedding venue than a Bed and Breakfast venue like The Groome Inn. We offer so much comfortability and reliability that it makes your marriage ceremony a wonderful experience for every participant. We are situated in North Carolina, just outside Greensboro.