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Tips For Throwing A Memorable Rehearsal Dinner

Tips For Throwing A Memorable Rehearsal Dinner

Tips For Throwing A Memorable Rehearsal DinnerBefore any big day, there should be a plan and practice to make sure everything goes off without a hitch; this is what a rehearsal dinner is for. The rehearsal dinner shouldn’t compete with your wedding, but there is no reason it can’t still be fabulous. Here are a few tips for making your rehearsal dinner one to remember.

  • Decide on a theme and a venue. Pick a theme that you want to go with, whether it be a color scheme, a special interest, or a specific style. Once you have decided on a theme, then choose a venue that matches. Try to choose a venue close to where the wedding will take place, so as not to make out-of-town guests travel too far from their accommodations.
  • Decide on your guest list. The bride and groom’s immediate family should, obviously, be in attendance. The bridal party, plus their significant others, and the officiant should also make the list. Usually, it is customary to have out-of-town guests to attend the rehearsal dinner as well, but ultimately it is up to the bride and groom.
  • Send out Invites. Once the guest list is settled, go ahead and send out invites so attendees can make arrangements.
  • Decide on the menu. The menu can complement your wedding, or you can go in a different direction entirely. If there was something you wanted at your wedding, but it was too expensive, try splurging on it for your rehearsal dinner since the guest list will be much smaller. Try keeping alcohol to a minimum, you don’t want hungover guests at the wedding!

These are a few key things you can do to help make your rehearsal dinner special and run smoothly. Take the time to introduce your guests to each other and promote your wedding hashtag so you can see all the fun and candid pictures they take. Also, the bride should wear white so she stands out and is easy to find. Remember these tips, and your rehearsal dinner will be one for the books!