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Planning Your Perfect Holiday Wedding

Congratulations! You’re engaged! Have you always dreamed of a fairytale wedding, but can’t seem to decide on a date? Why not plan one for December or early January and use the sparkle of the season to help inspire your wedding planning? Whether you’re planning for this holiday season, or for 2020, we asked an expert to help us put together some ideas to make your wedding day absolutely magical. 

Alexandria Noble, of A. Noble Events and Design (known as “Alex” to everyone who knows her, and to know her is to love her!) took the time to give us some fresh perspective on how to use the season’s jolly spirit to decorate and enjoy your wedding without going over the top with the classic bright reds and forest greens.

“Don’t be afraid to embrace the spirit of the season, but create a stylistic non-traditional environment for your guests to enjoy!,” Alex said.

She recommended colors like “muted burnt red, with dusty blue”. We also personally love the idea of adding a champagne color, gold, or silver  to the mix! Whatever you opt for, “Don’t be afraid to play with color!” she said. 

Photo by Juicebeats Photography via ChicVintageBrides.com

Photo by Juicebeats Photography for ChicVintageBride.com

Via HappyWedd.com

She also recommended  that you might want to “Take advantage of the cooler temperatures and opt for a hot toddy or cider as your specialty drink!” 

We’re already feeling all warm and cozy inside just thinking about sipping on one of those. Aren’t you? We’ve also added cranberry moscow mules to the list of sipping options. Who doesn’t love a copper cup? Click on the photos to go to their recipes! 


Finally, for your grand exit, Alex recommended the bride and groom leave in “a magical horse and carriage send off instead of a classic car.” How dreamy is that? 

We have a few more ideas for you, in case you’re wondering about the cake, the flowers, ideas for combatting the weather if you want to have an outdoor ceremony, and other color palettes we love. 

Let’s start with the weather. Here at The Groome Inn, we have room for 60 guests indoors, so if you’re planning on an indoor wedding or on using the Inn as a backup weather plan, keep that in mind! However, we also can work with vendors to get tents with dance floors together, which can be kept warm with space heaters and cozy blankets. 

In fact, that’s one of our favorite trends for cooler-weathered weddings: leaving a cozy blanket rolled up on each seat, or in baskets on the end of aisles, or in any way you’d like to display them. These could be the most-used wedding favors ever! Here’s one of our favorite examples:

Photo via Isos Photography for Junebug Weddings via Brit + Co.

We also love the idea of “naked cakes”–in other words, less icing is more. The cake will still be iced with a white icing, but there will be spots left “naked,” or without any icing on them. These cakes look stunning  decorated with berries and greenery. We also love a good wooden cake stand for the enchanted holiday look. See what we mean?

Photo via DeerPearlFlowers.com 

For bouquets, we’re going with the trend we’re going to tell you more about in next week’s blog– alternatives to florals! We love the idea of using pinecones with gold ribbon, or Christmas ornaments in the colors of your wedding palette to add a touch of season’s greetings. Another trend we love is the floral arrangements being woven into wreaths or onto hoops for you and your bridesmaids to carry down the aisle! So Holiday chic! If you do opt for traditional flowers, consider going all white, with gold ribbons or silver ribbons, or your wedding colors wrapped around them. Also, as Alex said earlier, don’t be afraid to play with color! There aren’t any rules here. It’s your day. Here are some bouquets we love:

Photo my Melissa Beattie Photography for B.Loved 

Cream Roses with Pinecones and feathers, via Bridalweddings.blogspot.com 

Photo by Kassandra Donaldson for June Bug Weddings

Bouquet by Lionsgate Designs                                  Via My Artbeat on Etsy 

Next, we get to the bridesmaids. Modern or non-traditional brides probably already know that bridesmaids come in all shapes and sizes, and that a gown that’s fitting and flattering on them is easy to do, now that most every color of bridesmaids gown comes in different styles. Another idea we’re into is different colored, but coordinating bridesmaid gowns. Perhaps you want to go with Alex’s idea of dusty blue and a muted, burnt red. These don’t have to be the colors your bridesmaids wear. Instead, the men can wear dusty blue colored suits, and your girls can wear hues of red. Maybe you’d even want to mix in some champagne  dresses, or have you Maid of Honor wear one. Also big this year is playing with fabrics and textures of the dresses. ‘Tis the season, after all, so why not have some of your girls in satin, some in velvet, some in an ombre deep to light red dress, some wearing something shimmery, some in a white dress with red floral prints (you read that right; prints!), and any other combination you can dream of! Also, consider their warmth too! If they’re going to be standing outside for any length of time, faux furs, or colorful blanket scarves can be darling additions to their outfits, as well as to your gown.

Photo by Lindsay Hackney Photography 

Photo via Jordan Vath Photography 

Photo by Simply Sarah for Style Me Pretty

Now, for the men: modern touches we’re loving are unique velvet, patterned, or even wooden bow ties, unique boutonnieres, and even scarves and gloves if the ceremony will be outdoors. You can’t go wrong with black or dark blue suits or tuxedos, while adding touches of color here and there, but you also can’t go wrong with a bold statement like a cranberry-colored suit on the groom, either. Here are some of our favorite looks:

Photo by Helen Caute Photography via Rock My Wedding 

Photo by Helen Caute Photography via Rock My Wedding 

Photo via Anna Delores for Green Wedding Shoes

Photo by Jordan Voth Photography 

Photo via Lindsay Hackney Photography

We also love other color palettes, including jade green and gold; frost blue and silver; cranberry red and eucalyptus green; grey, sage and blush; and any and every combination of jewel tones, such as deep purples, sapphire blues, bold pinks, turquoise, emerald green, citrine, and even onyx. These can be stunning accent pieces to an otherwise white-and-green flowered event, or they can steal the show with their moody, cool combinations. Here are a few we can’t help but love: 

Photo via HappyWedd.com

Photo via HappyWedd.com

Photo via HappyWedd.com

Christine Sarah Photography 

Lux Sunshine Photography for B. Loved blog

Photo via HappyWedd.com

Photo by Kristen Joy via Martha Stewart Weddings 

Photo by HappyWedd.com 

Photo by The Edges Wedding Photography via Martha Stewart Weddings 

Some final small touches that we’ve seen and love include decorated Christmas trees– whether inside, outside, or, our favorite– on the porch. We also adore the idea of hanging mistletoe over the bride and groom, both from our archway, and above their seats at the reception. A hot chocolate bar for the kids (and spiked hot cocoa for the big kids) is sure to keep everyone warm, as are the signature cocktails mentioned by Alex earlier, like hot toddys or ciders. Fairy (Christmas) lights really set the mood for a warm, cozy celebration, and makes for great lighting for photos! Also, as much live greenery as possible woven into your decor– suspended from the ceiling if you want to really “wow” your guests. And finally, when the night is through, a snowy goodbye, no matter the weather, with faux flakes and glitter to throw over you, as paper luminaries light your path. 

Photo by Emily Magers Photography 

Faux Snow via VinylDecalShoppe on Etsy

The best part about your wedding is that it’s your day, and your time to shine! We’re just here to offer ideas and of course, your beautiful venue! 🙂 

Follow Alex Noble on Instagram here, and make sure you’re following The Groome Inn while you’re at it! 

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