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First Four Things To Do After Getting Engaged

First Four Things To Do After Getting Engaged

First Four Things To Do After Getting EngagedCongratulations, you’re engaged! Now what? After you celebrate, it’s time to start wedding planning.

Here are the top four things you should do first, after getting engaged.

1. Choose a Season
Decide what time of year you want to get married. Do you want a Spring wedding? With all the beautiful spring colors, beautifully blooming flowers and pastels colors. Or maybe a fall wedding, with the changing leaves and autumnal colors.


2. Choose a Date
You get to decide how long you will be engaged. Your timeline is up to you. If you are wanting to get married during wedding season, which is June-October, you will want to choose 3 different dates that suit you. Dates tend to get booked really quickly, so you will want to give yourself options.


3. Choose a Style
Next, you will need to decide what style you want for your wedding. What color schemes do you want for your wedding. What theme are you going for? Do you want a chic, princess wedding, or a rustic, barn wedding? All these things will need to be decided before you reach out to any venues or vendors.


4.Choose a Venue
After you determine your style, the first thing you should book is your venue. The venue is the most important part of your wedding. Do you want an outdoor wedding, an all-inclusive, a banquet hall, an intimate bed and breakfast? Figure out what you are looking for and start reaching out to different venues. Compare prices and packages and book your venue.


These are the first four things any couple should check off their list after getting engaged. After these are completed, you can move onto booking other vendors and nailing down other details.

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Congratulations and happy planning!

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