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Engagement Ring Trends

Engagement Ring Trends

Engagement Ring TrendsAn engagement ring symbolizes the promise made between two people. It is a display of love and commitment. The ring should represent your style completely. There is an endless amount of styles and types of engagement rings to choose from. It all comes down to what you prefer. Here are some of the current engagement ring trends:

  • Oval cut: one of the most popular trends is the oval cut. Set in a simple band, an oval cut diamond can have a delicate and vintage quality about it.
  • Rose Gold: another well liked style is rose gold. It’s beautiful and romantic, quickly becoming one of the more popular metals for an engagement ring.
  • Colored stones: people are starting to stray away from tradition and go in a more unique direction when it comes to engagement rings. Colored jewels, such as emeralds and sapphires, are becoming a popular choice.
  • Pear Shape: pear-shaped diamonds are perfect for the modern bride. They are beautiful on their own or with a delicate pave setting.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing an engagement ring. Whether you choose something trendy or unique, if you pick one that reflects your personal style, you can’t go wrong.

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