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Choosing a Color Palette for your Wedding

Choosing a Color Palette for your Wedding

A staple part of bringing your wedding vision to life is deciding on a color scheme. And although this can be a lot of fun, it can also be challenging. To help you along, here are a few things you should consider when deciding on a color palette: venue, time of year, other décor, and personal style.

Given the classically decorated nature of The Groome Inn, it could be the perfect location for your special day. With its simple and charming ambiance, The Groome Inn provides a beautiful back drop for all color palettes.

Choosing a Color Palette for your Wedding Things to Consider:

  1. Venue
    Consider your surroundings. You want to choose wedding colors that will complement the location. Think about the venue and how it is decorated. Choose a color scheme that will mesh with your venue and its existing décor.
  2. Time of Year
    Different seasons coordinate with different color schemes, so it’s important to consider the time of year you are getting married. Jewel tones are suited best for the fall, while pastels are great option for the spring. Bright and vibrant colors are striking in the summer, whereas deep and cool tones are perfect for a winter wedding.
  3. Other Décor
    Consider your other decorations when choosing a color palette. You should think about your flowers, table settings, centerpieces and any other significant décor when picking your wedding colors.
  4. Personal Style
    Both the bride and groom should think about their personal styles when deciding their wedding colors. Consider things that you love. Think about your home and furniture, as well as your wardrobe. All these things can help you determine your personal style and make it easier to choose your wedding color palette.

Choosing your wedding color palette is just one of the many decisions you will make while planning your special day. Why not make it easier and choose a timeless venue like The Groome Inn? The simple and charming décor coordinates amazingly with endless amounts of color combinations, making The Groome Inn the perfect foundation to build your dream wedding around.

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