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Bridal Shower On A Budget

Bridal Shower On A Budget

Bridal Shower On A BudgetWhen a close friend or family member is getting married, part of the wedding festivities include a bridal shower. The cost of a bridal shower can add up quickly. Whether you are hosting or helping, here are some tips to keep the costs down.

Split the Responsibility: The easiest way to keep the costs down is to divide up the responsibilities between other people. Start with the bridesmaids, reach out and let them know you could use their help.

Timing and Location: Pick a time of day that you won’t be expecting to serve a full meal. Serving finger foods and appetizers is a great way to keep the cost down. Hosting the shower at someone’s house or an inexpensive or all inclusive venue is also budget friendly.

Invites: Keep the cost down by  sending digital or paperless invitations. Create an event on Facebook or send out an evite through email. There are many options for paperless invitations.

DIY Decor: Instead of spending lots of money on decorations, try making your own. Most of the time, it is much more cost effective to craft and create your own decorations. Make it fun by getting the bridesmaids together for a craft night!

Food and Alcohol: Forego alcohol altogether, to really keep the budget down, but if that’s not an option, limit the choices. Have champagne and a couple juice options for mimosas and call it done! As far as food goes, have the bridesmaids each contribute a small appetizer or finger food. Chips and dip, veggie and fruit trays, finger sandwiches, are all cheap and easy options.

If you put all these tips to use when planning and throwing a bridal shower, it is sure to be fun and budget friendly. Remember, a bridal shower is all about making the bride feel loved and special, not about how much money you spend!

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