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5 Wedding Details Most Brides Forget

5 Wedding Details Most Brides Forget

After months of preparation, you may be feeling like you have it all together and you couldn’t possibly forget anything; wrong! Here is a short list of wedding details that are easily forgotten about. Although they are small, they are essential.

  1. Wedding stationary: you will want your photographer to get some shots of you wedding invitation, save the date, programs and such, so make sure you come prepared with extra copies.
  2. Tip envelopes: bring envelopes labeled and ready to go for gratuities
  3. Gift point person: many of your guests will bring cards or gifts, so make sure you appoint a trusted person to get them where they need to be at the end of the night.
  4. Emergency kit: lets face it, things happen! Have one of your bridesmaids put together an emergency kit with things like stain sticks, needle and thread, safety pins, bandaids, etc. to make sure you are prepared for any emergency.
  5. Eat: Do not skip breakfast on your wedding day. You do not want to go all day on an empty stomach. Have someone pick up breakfast on the way to the venue.

These are just a few small, but important, details people tend to forget about on their wedding day.
If you follow this checklist, it will surely make your day run smoother.

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