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13 Wedding Trends Forecast for 2020

Go big, or go small and intimate. Go flashy, or go minimalist. Wear a white gown, or wear one that’s patterned or colorful. Create Insta-worthy photo backdrops, or have a totally unplugged wedding. It’s all up to you this year, because the ultimate trend on the horizon is a couple that’s down to create their own atmosphere, with each little decision. We’re only here to tell you what the forecast is suggesting will be big this year– besides a 100% chance of stunning weddings here at The Groome Inn.

The trend: Garden weddings

This trend is so timeless and lovely that many brides choose to have their weddings outside. The choices on where to get married outdoors are endless, but we think you’ll find that for a garden party or enchanted garden vibe, our grove and ivy archway give off the perfect ethereal feel. A garden wedding can be held during any season, especially here in North Carolina, where we have temperate winters. After your wedding, your guests can head inside the house to warm up or cool down, depending on the season– or they can enjoy the patio with our Edison bulb lighting overhead.. Inside, we can fit up to 60 guests with our tables, with which we can do anything you’d like! We can keep it simple, or we can  turn it into an enchanted garden with swaths of seasonal greenery and candles, flowers, succulents, pinecones, wooden table numbers, and any other decor you can dream up.  

 Garden weddings, especially at our venue, are magical without needing over-the-top decor– which is great if you’re on a budget, or if you’re going for the also-popular minimalist trend! However, there are several other trends for 2020 that blend perfectly with the garden theme if you’re looking for some special touches…

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The trend: Using florals for more than just bouquets

Flowers aren’t just for you and your bridesmaids anymore! Now, they’re being used from hanging for floral backdrops, to being placed as runners down the aisle. They’re adorning cakes, and they’re being used mixed with limitless amounts of greenery to cover tables. On this note, if you’re not afraid to go all-in, a hot trend is to have them cascading from your tables capes! They’re also showing up on bridesmaids dresses in beautiful prints, on bridal gowns, in hairstyles, and on veils. They’re being woven into wreaths and birdcages and other geometric shapes to be carried down the aisle by bridesmaids, as opposed to traditional bouquets. The idea here is to be inspired by your surroundings in the garden, and to bring them to life in every other aspect of your wedding.

Via Wedding Forward 

Via Wedding Forward

Via Wedding Forward  

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The trend: non-traditional wedding gowns and veils

Perhaps you noticed in the last section that we spoke of floral-printed wedding gowns. You weren’t reading a typo! There are several ways that non-traditional wedding gowns and veils have started showing up on catwalks around the world, but some of our favorites include playing with texture,  patterns, and colors. That’s right. Patterns, colors, and textures are all part of the modern bride’s choices when it comes to her wedding gown and her veil. You heard us– colorful dresses aren’t just for 2nd or later-in-life weddings anymore! Here are some stunning examples of what we’re talking about.

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The trend: Mix and match, and non-traditional bridesmaids dresses

Just like the bride has the option to go with a patterned dress, more and more brides are choosing to mix and match their bridesmaids. This can mean anything from completely different, all-floral patterns in different colors, to sticking with a color scheme and mixing in patterns with solids, with different fabrics, and with different cuts to fit each bridesmaid in a flattering way. Others may want to stick with the traditional same-bridesmaids dresses for every member of her wedding party, but just look at how gorgeous these mix-and-match combos are! 

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The trend: bringing the indoors outdoors with furniture your guests can lounge on:

Whether for the ceremony, the reception, or both, renting antique fainting couches, chaise lounges, and antique chairs to have your guests lounge on is the ultimate in trends for 2020. Add some throw pillows and some blankets…  Now that’s what we’re talking about:

Via Weddingomania 

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Via Weddingomania

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The trend: Succulents

In continuation of the garden or woodland-themed wedding, some brides are using succulents in their bouquets, as table decor, on their cakes, in their hair and even as wedding favors! We love this idea, as it brings together the colors of a garden, purple, and many others, regardless of what flowers may or may not be blooming at the time. 

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The trend: Giant balloons and balloon art 

Giant, round balloons are a major trend right now, and they’re easily available on Etsy. These can be clear and  filled with glitter, white with a whimsical green ribbon for your garden wedding, gold to throw in an accent color;  or any kind of combination you can dream up. Check out some of our favorite looks below.. Additionally, balloon art has taken over, with balloons taking a main part in the decor. 

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The trend: Neon signs with the couple’s names or a sweet saying 

This trend is electric and can be easily incorporated into any wedding style. It can also add an eccentric or modern feel to your wedding, if that’s your style. We’ve seen them added to greenery boxwood backdrops, on the front of bars, and on the front of or behind sweetheart tables. You really can’t go wrong with this trend, especially if your friends are fans of instagram…

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The trend: Instagram-worthy backdrops for photos

Speaking of Instagram, the trend of having instagram-worthy installations or backdrops is a trend that can be customized in virtually any way you can think of. From the neon lights we just mentioned, to countless other examples, we’ve put together just  a few. 

Some of our favorites come from multi-purpose installations– for example, the altar where the couple gets married (hello, ivy arch, you beautiful thing, you!) cake backdrops that turn into fun photo-ops later in the night, head table backdrops, or DJ and Band backdrops!

 Others are making them just for photo ops, which we think has a fun, festival-like feel to it, even if your wedding isn’t festival-themed! Some cool inspiration we’ve found include ribbon curtains, suspended Polaroid frames, utilizing boxwood bushes to hang fairy lights or floral curtains, or you can set up a couch outside on a rug in front of a creative background for ultimate cool. Instagram backdrops for photographs are super fun to create and to dream up. It also ensures that you get great photos of your guests when they share their photos!

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The trend: Having an artist paint live scenes from your wedding:

There are many talented artists out there who love a good wedding and who love to paint them! If you’ve got the money in your budget, can you think of anything more dreamy than a hand-painted wedding canvas to hang in your home? 

Via Bustld

Via Inside Weddings 

The trend: Flower grandmas

This adorable trend has been around for a while, but it’s so adorable we don’t think it should ever go out of style. Want to have a kiddo-free wedding? Don’t have any kids the right age to be your flower girls? Really love your grandma? You’re in luck, because passing this honor from the youngest members of the family to the wisest is a trend that we absolutely adore. Look at how cute! 

Via Chelsea Donohu Photography 

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The trend: Unplugged ceremonies 

While we’ve just talked about how to make your wedding as Insta-friendly as possible, it’s also possible to get amazing photos from your professional photographer that don’t look like a sea of your friends holding their phones in front of their faces. It’s easy.. Have an unplugged ceremony, with a sign as a gentle reminder that you’d prefer them not take photos of your actual wedding. This guarantees amazing shots and more present attendees. After you’ve officially tied the knot, it’s safe to announce your wedding hashtag (if you’ve decided to have one) or to let guests know that it’s officially on for their camera phones. 

The trend: Minimal reception decor:

While many of these above ideas may seem over-the-top, we also love the minimal, DIY-friendly reception decor ideas that are also trending right now.. Whether it’s sticking with a swatches of ivy between white candles, or creating your own centerpieces from gold-painted branches, placed  in vases you find at a thrift store, you’ll already be surrounded by such natural beauty at our venue, that less can actually be more. 

Via Oh Best Day Ever Blog

Via Glamorous Weddings

Via Kelly Sea/Wedding Chicks

Via Kelly Sea/Wedding Chicks

The trend: Alternatives (or additions) to a standard cake table

Everyone loves to “ooo” and “ahh” over the wedding cake, until it’s cut. Then, it’s pretty much straight for the dance floor! How do you incorporate yummy desserts without spending a fortune on a cake that ends up half-eaten on plates?  

Donut bars are a “hole” lot of fun to add to your wedding and are definitely trending right now! So are cupcakes instead of a huge cake (with a mini cake for the bride and groom to cut). Some more unique ideas include towers made of macaroons, candy-themed bars with everyone’s favorites, popcorn buckets (and a popcorn machine!), and even popsicles for a hot day.  

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Whatever trends you decide to go for, make sure you keep us in mind as your top venue for your 2020 weddings. Our beautiful and convenient location is perfect for any trends above, and any more you can dream up! Email us to check available dates!